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At Toddler Town we have developed activities that will support your child’s growth and feed their hunger for learning. We have many activities for your child to enjoy. Our staff has a hands on approach for developing activities specifically for their age group. In accordance with our 2 star rating, we have created programs and activities on multiple levels including individual room, all day care, and parent-child activities.

Special Programs

Toddler Town is also proud that our child care facility is an active part of the community by participating in a diverse range of non-profit programs that will bring a sense of responsibility and goodness to each of our children. We encourage our students to help others, respect their community, and voice to them how important it is to build positive relationships with those in need. The Toddler Town activities calendar is available monthly and features all of our upcoming room, daycare, and community events that our parents enjoy keeping up with. As we teach our children, it is important to help our planet so we have started placing our informational materials on our site for easy access and to reduce the amount of paper we distribute.

Below you will find a list of our Toddler Town activities that help support our academic curriculum and increase parental participation. We are always open to suggestions for new events and programs so parents are welcome to submit any ideas via our contact form. Or just stop into our office and mention your wonderful suggestions to any one of the smiling faces available.


  • Time for Kindergarten Mock Day
  • Summer Program
  • After School Program
  • Elementary Transportation Program
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Breast Cancer Walk
  • Pre-K Canned Food Drive

For the Students

All of our events are designed to cater to your child’s understanding of special events and relationships. We reinforce the special holidays and celebrations your family celebrates at home, additionally we try to bring a diverse understanding of different cultural celebrations. These are wonderful tools for building social skills with other children and members of our community.

Our staff plans daily individual activities for each room and the results of the students work is often displayed on our walls or sent home to their personal gallery on your fridge. Our activities calendar and curriculum is always developing as we continue to find new ways to help the children grow.

Our activities our partially guided by our participation in NAP-SAC which is a system provided by the state for outlining and building our students activity time. Toddler Town has submitted a written evaluation that determines our allowed time for play, tv, teacher lead activity, student lead activity, and a further comprehensive list of child care assessment options.
Simply put, we follow multiple levels of guidance and exceed the expectations for curriculum design. Our nutritional and environmental guidelines are also automatically set at a higher standard due to our participation in state and regional programs.


For the Parents

We value the relationship you share with your child and to support that we plan yearly activities for the family. Throughout the year we will be assigning family participation projects and we will a part of community events that require family involvement. From a simple canned food drive to the Breast Cancer Walk we enjoy bringing together families and the community. Each child grows to treasure Toddler Town as a fun place to explore and learn, being able to share those experiences with the ones they love is very important to us. We encourage all of our parents to stay up to date with all of our upcoming family activities and look for the take home family projects from each room.

Parents need to feel special too, and for that reason we have our annual Parents Night Out. A night dedicated to our parents where we take care of your little ones so you can take some time for yourselves. Throughout the year we will continue to organize events that expose each childs parent to their growth and new discoveries. There is nothing more exciting to our children than being able to show the ones they love how very big they are and at Toddler Town we cater to their hearts desires.

For each holiday we try to plan something special for the children and especially the ones that require a little dress up. We will notify each parent in advance of any items needed from home so that all of our students are prepared for each activity.

It is our goal to keep each parent updated on upcoming events so that scheduling is made easier and participation can become consistent.



Play Areas



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